Saturday, April 25, 2009

The non-dieters win one for a change

196 pounds
There's an article online today about Kelly Osbourne feeling good after her latest stint in rehab (see part of the article below). What's notable isn't the rehab but that Osbourne says she refuses to let it bother her anymore when the press criticizes her weight. Amen, sister. She also says she doesn't want to lose weight (or give up food or take drugs to do it) and that her body is normal. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kelly Osbourne. You are absolutely right. Your body is normal, and the only reason anyone has ever implied otherwise is because of the ridiculous standards that we hold women to our in society. Humans come in all different beautiful shapes and sizes, and I am thrilled that Osbourne—at the tender of age of 24, mind you—gets this. 

Chalk this one up to the good guys.
Interestingly, though, Osbourne toldAccess Hollywood that one thing she's determined to not let bother her anymore is criticism about her weight. "I'm normal and it hurts 10 times more because I can't numb it. You know you read it and... I've never tried to be that kind of girl. The last thing I want to do right now is open up a magazine and read about how fat I am," she said. "I could be really skinny. I really could, but I don't want to be really skinny and I like food and I don't want to be on drugs."

Of course, having grown up Osbourne, simply surviving in any shape or form--physically or mentally--is probably more of an achievement than Kelly gives herself credit for. Hopefully, that was pointed out to her during her latest turn in rehab. In any event, coming as it does at the end of a week filled with buzz over the Susan Boyles of the world and judgments based solely on appearances, daring to not be skinny doesn't sound like too bad a thing to do; right now, or ever.

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