Friday, June 5, 2009

Here we go again

197 pounds
I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get really frustrated by the fact that almost every female celebrity who weighs more than 110 pounds is forced to defend her weight and her body. 

Today, another gorgeous curvy woman—this time American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson—had to put her foot down with the media so that they would stop bullying her about her weight. In a Yahoo article today, Clarkson says, "I love my body. I'm very much OK with it. I don't think artists are ever the ones who have the problem with their weight, it is other people." 

I'm downright thrilled to find out that Clarkson loves her body and feels comfortable telling the whole world about it. I say, thank God for Kelly Clarkson!!! 

And I couldn't agree with her more: the reason people talk about her weight is not because of anything she's said or done but because of their own insecurities. The only reason people criticize someone as successful and beautiful (and young) as Clarkson is to try to make themselves feel a little bit better about their own shortcomings or unhappiness. 

But as we all know, that kind of shallow superiority never makes anyone feel good for long, and it hurts us all in the long run. Because if we hold Kelly Clarkson to such unreasonable standards, how is that ultimately going to make us feel about ourselves? Not good, I promise you. 

And since I'm dedicated to helping all of us—big and small, short and tall—feel good about ourselves and see the positive rather than the negative, I propose that the next time you hear a nattering nabob of negativity criticize the weight of someone like Clarkson you tell them to shut it. In fact, I'd really appreciate it if you did. 

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