Friday, December 31, 2010

The glass should always be half-full

One year ago today, I gave up making New Year's resolutions because I realized how unhappy they had made me over the years—and how unattainable some of my resolutions were. The truth is that resolutions make us focus on what we don't like about ourselves when we should be focusing on what we DO like.

In that vein, here are my 2011 non-resolutions (in other words, the things I appreciate about myself this year). . .

1) I'm proud that, despite a hellish work schedule, I exercised at least five times a week this year.

2) I'm glad that my weight hasn't gone up but instead has stayed basically the same. (In case you don't know, I weigh 196 glorious pounds.)

3) I'm relieved that I did not have any major injuries or physical setbacks this year.

4) I'm happy that I have a closet full of clothes that make me feel good about the way I look right now.

5) And finally I'm thrilled that I still feel attractive even though I weigh more than most people think an attractive person should weigh.

That's it for me—what about all of you?

What are your non-resolutions??? I challenge you to make at least one.


  1. re 4)...I'm going to get rid of all the too-small jeans in my closet -- and stop beating myself up about the fact that I can't fit into them.

  2. Why not show some of the clothes?

  3. I like the idea of purging too-small jeans. I may have to steal that one. Great idea!

    Libby—here is one of my dresses . . .

  4. My non-resolution: I kicked 2010's ass. I defended my thesis, I graduated, I moved to Raleigh, I eloped, I went to Vegas, and I got a job that I really love doing. Oh, and I also started walking (which I've given up because of the weather recently) and lost ten pounds without really trying. (I was so inactive before, once I got up and just did a little bit, my body settled back to my normal weight.)

  5. I love these non resolutions....and also choose not to make any resolutions, for the mere fact I forget them by February.

  6. I love making new years resolutions. Mine are often more of a project list I do have getting rid of clothes that no longer fit or that I didn't wear last year on my list. I'd love to get to the point of having a closet full of clothes that make me feel good!

  7. I am still having trouble with this one! If you read my Jan article in SOKY I am trying very hard. I can't, at this point (yet), get rid of my too-small jeans. I do want to make time to go to the gym this semester - I lost track of that last fall, so I guess that's still a resolution of sorts?

  8. Molly—I haven't gotten rid of my small jeans either. But they are out of sight and out of my mind.

    Kara—I like the idea of a "to do" list as long as it doesn't become an unattainable that makes you feel bad. I used to have a friend who made one resolution a year and kept it. My feeling is if you can do that, more power to you. If not, why set yourself up for failure?

    Maciena—you get what I'm saying!

    Way to go, Emily! I love that you're focusing on what you've accomplished rather than what still needs to be done! You should write a guest post about the walking because I don't think people realize how fast you can turn things around (and how easy it is to walk).