Thursday, January 20, 2011


Have you ever gone to put something on and found that—magically—it no longer fits? (I swear that must happen to me every few months just to remind me I'm human.) Well, if so, you're not alone. As it turns out, even celebrities can't always get their clothes to fit.

Because last Friday, Sofia Vergara, star of ABC's Modern Family, freaked out when none of the dresses she was trying on for the Golden Gobes fit her. "Nothing fits meeee!!!!" she said via Twitter. "I'm not going to the Golden Globes!!!!!!!" And suddenly I realized that in some ways Vergara is one of us—a regular person. This makes two reasons I'm happy to watch her show every week.

The picture that accompanied her tweet (above) also took me back to being a teenager . . . you remember, don't you? Lying on the twin bed, trying desperately to zip your too-tight Gloria Vanderbilt designer jeans over your still-flat belly. How many of you did something like that???

Of course, Sofia's tweet raises the question, if TV stars struggle to fit in their clothes, what hope do the rest of us have?

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