Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who are you calling a pig?

192 pounds

Recently I had dinner at Fido in Nashville, a wonderful little spot that I highly recommend if you’re looking for outstanding food and don’t want to spend a fortune.

At Fido—like other animal-friendly resturaunts—table numbers feature pictures of some of the employees’ favorite pets. After guests place their order at the counter, they’re handed a table number that servers use to locate them when their meals are ready.

And after I ordered fish tacos for dinner one night, I was handed a laminated card that read "MOLLY PIGG" in big red letters across the top

Molly Pigg?????

Was someone trying to tell me something?

Molly Pigg is actually the name of the adorable little beagle that was featured on my table number. She’s six years old, and apparently goes by “Piggy” or “Miss Piggy” because she has snorted like a pig since she was a puppy. As the table number explains, “Calling her a ‘pig’ seemed degrading, so her nickname has the unique spelling with two ‘G’s.”

So does that mean that if I call someone a “Pigg,” it won’t be considered degrading?

I doubt it.

But I do know this: the fact that I could laugh about the “Molly Pigg” sign sitting in the middle of my table like a beacon asking people to look at me means that I am finally becoming comfortable with who I am. And I love a Pigg for helping me see that.

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