Thursday, July 23, 2009

Win a Noodles & Company $25 Gift Card Here!

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Great news! After reading my last post, the people at Noodles & Company asked me if I would like to offer all of my blog readers a chance to win a $25 gift card to use in one of their restaurants. (I guess they took me seriously when I said any eatery that celebrates noodles and is located in a made-up land called "Noodleville" earns a special place in my heart.) Of course, I immediately said yes.

To enter the contest, please answer JUST ONE of the following questions:

What is your favorite menu item at Noodles & Company and why? If you’ve never been to Noodles & Company, what dish would you most like to try there and why? Feel free to be creative with your response. Extra points for telling fun stories that remind you of Noodles & Company or noodles in general.

The most interesting and/or entertaining response will win the free gift card and be mailed to you from Noodles & Company. The contest is open until Tuesday, July 28th at noon (Eastern time), and the winner will be announced before midnight the same day.

Here's a tip: You have to have a Google/Blogger account to comment on this blog (which you can do by clicking on the "comments" button at the bottom of this post), but if you don't have one, you can simply email your response to me at, and I will post it here for you.

Good luck to all of you noodle lovers!

P.S. If you're not sure where Noodles & Company is located, they currently have locations in the following states:
North Carolina
You can click here to find out if there's a location near you. But even if you don't live near one, you still might want to enter the contest for a chance to win a gift card for someone you know in another city. (Gift cards make great birthday and holiday presents!)


  1. If I've taken my Nexium, I order the Penne Rosa. But if I haven't, which means that the delicious spicy-ness will give me gut searing heartburn, I go for the Pesto Cavatappi. I love the curly pasta.

    My boys always go for the mac-n-cheese and my daughter likes the Pasta Fresca. We're all excited b/c a new Noodles & Company is opening near our house!

  2. Put me down for a Bangkok Curry. I'd like to try that. Jennifer O'Leary

    Japanese pan noodles, so that the waiter will know which table the Godzilla noises are coming from. I'll get my check faster. Besides, it's fun to pretend that your plate is Tokyo and that the shiitake slices are really terrified civilians who are struggling to escape, as the last chunk of ginger narrates like Raymond Burr.

    I've never been to nor heard of Noodles & Co. Why aren't they in Greensboro?? If you have some pull, I think you should tell them that I would be ever so grateful if they would come to Greensboro and set up shop. We aren't too far away from Charlotte, but far enough away that when I'm craving noodles I wouldn't be able to handle the 90 min. drive. We need noodles in Greensboro, NC! :) As far as selection goes, I'm all about the Japanese Pan Noodles—hold that cilantro though baby!! :)

    I would try the Penne Rosa trio with chicken breast; need my proteins! Yum! I LOVE any kind of noodle; they just don't love me!

  6. Unfortuantly, I have never been to Noodles & Company, but from just looking at the website I can see that the food is mouth watering. If I had a chance to eat there I would pounce upon the Indonesian Peanut Sautee. Hopefully, the food is just as good as the pictures.

  7. Actually, my favorite thing about Noodles & Co is that in WI, they sponsor a race called the "Noodleini" - we got the whole family to participate a few years ago, but now it moved further away from our Appleton home base. The race t-shirt featured a flying penne noodle with a cape.

    I also like the Peanut Saute.

  8. If they don't have it already; I think Fried Chicken Alfredo pasta should be added to the menu. I thought of it when I worked at Red Lobster. I figured, I like chicken fingers, and I love Alfredo pasta, why not add them together?

    - Daniel Moore