Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Celebrity Smackdown: Weight Obsessed Edition

197 pounds
In my last post, I talked about Kelly Clarkson. While I was searching for photos of Clarkson, I read some comments about her that really bothered me—truly ugly speculations about her weight, her sexual orientation, her work. 

I said it in my last post, and I’ll say it again... the only reason anyone criticizes someone as attractive and successful as Clarkson is to make themselves feel better. It’s like the girl in your sixth grade class who told all of your friends that you still sleep with a teddy bear—she only did it to elevate her own standing among the other sixth graders.

During my research, I was also horrified to find that there are hundreds of websites devoted to “fat” celebrities. In fact, T O N S of female celebrities have been sacrificed on the alter of our weight obsessed society. Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Janet Jackson, and Britney Spears have all had their weight scrutinized over the years. Did any of them ever look bad? Not on your life. Were they called fat? Over and over and over again. 

But it gets worse. 

I also came across a New York Post photo gallery of “50 Fat Celebrities.” Never mind that the fact that the Post feels comfortable publishing such a gallery is mind-blowingly insulting and unhealthy, but what really got me is that the list included former model Rachel Hunter and the picture I’ve included above. 

Rachel Hunter? Really? 

If the New York Post thinks Rachel Hunter is fat (in this picture or otherwise), then there’s something seriously wrong with the world. It’s a world turned inside out, upside down. It’s topsy turvy. 

And I can't help but wonder, if these people think this picture of Rachel Hunter is fat, what would they say about me????? Would they call me a beached whale, a tub of lard, morbidly obese?

Well, guess what? I'm not willing to tolerate that kind of criticism—of me, of Rachel Hunter, of anyone. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t know what they’d say about me, and I don’t care. Anyone who thinks Rachel Hunter—in the photo above—is fat is a raging idiot, and I don't give a flying poop what they say. Am I right?  

The fact is that I refuse to live in a world where Hunter—or anyone—is called fat. So not only will I write to the Post and tell them what I think of their inclusion of Hunter on this list, which is ridiculously offensive in and of itself, I invite you to do so as well. Here’s the place where you can do that:


And do us all a favor: boycott the Post until they apologize for their actions and take down this grotesque list. 

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